macOS Big Sur support in Robo 3T 1.4.3

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Robo 3T

New features

Big Sur support

macOS Big Sur support is now available in Robo 3T, which should address design and UX issues such as #1779.

More screen space

We’ve removed the excessive padding in the Database Explorer section. Robo 3T now also remembers the last size you’ve set. (#1556)

Key support

We’ve imported the autoExpand, lineNumbers, debugMode, and shellTimeoutSec keys from the old version.


  • Disabled unsupported SSH tab for replica set connections (#1285, #1340)
  • Fixed crash when new shell tab executed in server unreachable case
  • Fixed crash when paging used in tabbed result window (#1661)
  • Fixed broken F2, F3, F4 shortcuts for tabbed result view
  • Introduced one time re-order limit per new connections window to prevent data loss (macOS, #1790)
  • Fixed previously broken IPv6 support from command line: robo3t –ipv6


Enjoy the new features and fixes in Robo 3T 1.4.3, which you can download here.

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