DocumentDB paging fixed in Robo 3T 1.4.2

What was the problem?

In Robo 3T 1.4.1 and before, there were two problems resulting with the same error Unrecognized field: 'ntoreturn' when the followings were done:

  • Paging between query results
  • Changing paging values

More details can be found here:

The Solution

After some deep investigation, we found that DocumentDB server was responding to standard MongoDB paging queries with the error Unrecognized field: 'ntoreturn'. Since DocumentDB is a closed source project, it was impossible to know what was the real reason for this error so we had to find a solution empirically. We found that the solution was using limit instead of ntoreturn when paging or page size triggered and only in the cases of this spesific error. For all other cases (error or success), there is no change in Robo 3T behaviour.


This fix can be found in Robo 3T 1.4.2 – Download.


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