What’s new in Robomongo 0.8.3

Roboteam is happy to announce the release of Robomongo 0.8.3.

Although we are showing screenshots of Robomongo for Linux, all this new features are available for Mac OS X and Windows as well. Next time we will use Windows for such showcase ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a list of the most notable changes

Remove multiple documents from UI

In both Table View and Tree view you are now able to select multiple documents and remove them:

Insert multiple documents from UI z

Now you can insert several documents at once:

Also document editor window is a bit larger by default and you can maximize it (minor, but important for daily use).

Retain current view mode

Robomongo now remembers currently selected view mode, and will use it for any subsequent script execution. It is also works with multiple results.

For instance, if you have such results:

Next time when you’ll execute script (possibly with modifications), you will see this results in the same view mode. First result will be in Tree mode, second in Table mode and the last in Text mode.

Support for MongoDB 2.4 users

Robomongo now understands changes in MongoDB 2.4 user scheme and allows you to edit roles:

Classic schema for MongoDB prior 2.4 is also supported. If you are working with previous versions, it will be shown in this way:

Copy JSON to clipboard menu item

Before 0.8.3 you can quickly copy only simple values via “Copy Value” context menu item. Now you can copy full JSON of any selected object or array:

Tree Mode improvements

If document has _id field, you’ll be able to see it without expanding the document. Also we are now showing you number of fields in object and number of items in array:

Copy collection to another database

We already have “Duplicate Collection” functionality, and now we implemented “Copy Collection to Database”, which allows you to copy all documents from one collection to another. Destination collection can be located in the same server or even in another server.

This operation will not overwrite or delete any existing documents (documents compared only by _id field). In this way we can say that this operation is safe.

Known Issues: there is no way to track progress of this operation for now. It will work in background. While it is okay for small collections, for large we have to see progress of this operation.We’ll address this problem in next releases.

Queries and errors log

In this version we are logging all scripts that were executed by user. To see them, simply openLogs pannel:

Together with scripts, we are logging errors (they are in a red color). It would be nice, if you’ll attach thislog records with every new submitted issue on our GitHub Issues.

Theme support

If you don’t like “native” look of Robomongo on your platform, you can try some another themes:

This is a Windows theme on Ubuntu

Reduced size of Robomongo for Windows

Installer of Robomongo 0.8.3 for windows now takes 6mb, instead of 12mb.

Several bugs fixed

  • Left panel collections/functions/users navigation doesn’t work when authenticating against the DB (#282)
  • A way to disable Alt + number shortcut (#192)
  • JSON list validation – finally, we hope ๐Ÿ™‚ (#246)
  • Crash creating new Database (#291)
  • Incorrect handling of TTL Indexes (#313)
  • BSON Undefined type doesn’t rendered to string correctly (#306)
  • Entering incorrect symbols as database name isn’t handled properly (#262)
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.6 (#287)
  • Support for Mac OS X 10.9 (#254)

Thank you!

Thank you for your growing interest in Robomongo project. Without doubts, this is the most interesting part of our work ๐Ÿ™‚

On the following graph you can see dynamic of downloads of Robomongo, starting from July 2013. In last month we received for about 7500 download requests, or 250 downloads every day.

Download the latest Robomongo version!

Let us know about any problems via Robomongo’s GitHub Issues.