What’s new in Robomongo 0.8.1

Roboteam is happy to announce the release of Robomongo 0.8.1.

Although we are showing screenshots of Mac OS X, all this new features are available for Windows and Linux as well. Next time we will use Linux for such showcase 🙂

Here is a list of the most notable changes

Table View

Table View is one of the top requestedfeatures on GitHub. Now we are glad to present it:

In Table View we show only top-level fields of documents. However we are still trying to consider how todisplay embedded documents and arrays in this view mode…

Extending Robomongo

Now, when you open new tab, Robomongo checks your HOME directory for a script file .robomongorc.js. If it is found, Robomongo will load and execute it.

You can define your own functions and variables or override already existing ones in this file.Here is an example of a quite handy function findById:

DBCollection.prototype.findById = function(id) {  return this.find({ _id : id });}

This function would allow you to type findById("my-id"), instead of find({ _id : "my-id" }). By the way, it would be added into the autocompletion box:

In previous versions, .mongorc.js file was loaded automatically.But this caused several problems, since this file is used by the MongoDB shell also.We still support loading of this file, however this behavior is turned off by default.It could be configured in the Options menu:

The order of loading of this files is the following:

  1. .mongorc.js, if available
  2. .robomongorc.js, if available

Locations of files:

FileLocation on Linux / Mac OS XLocation on Windows

Paging Tweaks

We have implemented several tweaks for paging widget and paging logic in this version

Now you are able to set “Skip” and “Batch Size” values for a paging widget (press Enter to apply changes).Note that you cannot set “Skip” value lower than in your query. In sample query shown above you cannot set value of “Skip” text editor lower than 5. If we would allow to do this, you will see results that are never part of your query resultset. Still you always can edit your query and specify needed skip value there.

The same is for limit(x) part of your query. If you are limiting yourself with 230 documents, you will be allowed to see no more than 230 documents, regardless of paging widget. But you will see this resultset in portions by 50 documents. Number of documents in each portion we are calling Batch Size.

If you want to see more documents at once — increase value in Batch Size text editor and press Enter.

Configure Batch Size

Starting this version you are able to configure Batch Size globally. But this is possible only if you edit Robomongo config file (robomongo.json). In next versions we are going to add possibility to edit this value using UI. Here is a location of (robomongo.json) file:

Location on Linux / Mac OS XLocation on Windows

Specify batch size value in batchSize field:

{  "batchSize" : 100,  ...}

Sorry, but you need to restart Robomongo in order to apply this changes.

Specifying more than 100 for Batch Size is highly debatable, because it could potentially decrease performance of Robomongo.It is better to increase Batch Size ad-hoc (via Batch Size text editor), when you are ready to spend time on waiting for query execution.

Other Changes

  • JSON parser doesn’t correctly parse numbers when locale isn’t en_EN (#246, #253)
  • “Display Dates In” options aren’t saved/loaded correctly (#261)
  • [Linux] Support for CentOS
  • [Linux] Linux packages now take 2x less space (10mb instead of 20mb)
  • [Windows] Desktop icon isn’t created despite corresponding checkbox was checked at installation. (#260)
  • [Windows] Invalid symbols in installer for Windows if display language of system isn’t English (#259)

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest in Robomongo project. Download the latest version!

Let us know about any problems via Robomongo’s GitHub Issues.