UUID Support in Robomongo

Starting from version 0.7.0, Robomongo supports UUID types for both Binary subtypes 3 and 4.

Three encodings supported for legacy UUID subtype 3:

  • Java Encoding
  • .NET Encoding
  • Python Encoding

Legacy subtype 3 encoding can be selected from Options menu:

Robomongo’s JSON Parser and Writer understand 6 UUID related types:

      UUID("...")  =>  BinData(4, "...")     LUUID("...")  =>  BinData(3, "...") legacy UUID in unspecified encoding    CSUUID("...")  =>  BinData(3, "...") in .NET GUID encoding     JUUID("...")  =>  BinData(3, "...") in Java UUID encoding    PYUUID("...")  =>  BinData(3, "...") in Python UUID encoding

We should note, that these types (except UUID) are not supported by MongoDB Shell (and thus by Robomongo Shell).

If you need to manipulate with UUIDs in the shell — use

In order to load this (or any others) helpers for every shell in Robomongo, add this line to your ~/.mongorc.js:


Then open new shell and uuidhelpers should be available for you.