Changing the name of Robomongo

When we released our MongoDB tool back in March 2013, Robomongo seemed like a great name. After all, it provided powerful, robust functions that helped manage your MongoDB project (and we all like robots too!).

However, since then things have changed — MongoDB is now used by thousands more people than three years ago, on more and more projects, which is great for the whole community. Mongo and MongoDB have always been registered trademark of MongoDB Inc, and as the database has grown in commercial importance, the company wants to clear up any confusion between its products and those built around the database. So, it has been talking to companies whose tools use the words Mongo or MongoDB in their names, about changing what they are called. That’s fair enough and we understand its point of view.

So, essentially this means we’re going to have to change the name of our product, purely for trademark reasons. What will the new name be? We’ve not yet fixed on one, but we wanted to give the community a heads up that the name will change, probably over the next couple of months.

Of course, if you have any ideas, do feel free to drop us a line!